INTRAX Racing Suspension  [看中文版]

For many years, we have relied solely on the quality of INTRAX for our own race cars and for the BMW Trackday and racing cars of our customers.

The individual production of each BMW INTRAX suspension and the multiple setting options give us the opportunity to set a very precise suspension setup and thus to get valuable seconds on the racetrack.

At the beginning of the 2000s, we became development partners of INTRAX, and through this our many assignments on the racetracks of this world, we were able to make a valuable contribution to the development of racing suspension for BMW models.

The result is a suspension that is perfect for us, which we can tailor to all needs.

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Order Your INTRAX Racing Coilover.

About price and order, We are different from the general suspension company, In order to high quality and performance requirements, All of our products are custom made, The your product must complete the payment will enter production, So you must provide us with full details of the vehicle information.

Please use our contact options to order your individual INTRAX suspension. We deliver the right chassis for vehicles of all brands.

NTRAX Suspension Class (All By Custom)

For the production of premium INTRAX shock absorbers, only the highest quality materials are used – whether for the simple road suspension or for an XL racing suspension with all options.

INTRAX shock absorbers are equipped with a thermostat, which controls and regulates the heat development in the damper. Thus, the optimal damper performance is ensured during different stresses. The degradation of suspension and tires with long and extreme stress decreases.

Each INTRAX shock absorber is individually manufactured. Therefore, various information must be made with the order, such as purpose (road, track day, which racetracks are driven, rally or possibly combinations), which wheel / tire combination is driven (type and size), other changes such as vehicle weight, other engine, racing cell etc.

We Have Provide Are Divided Into :

Options for the INTRAX suspension


Enter the INTRAX Chassis

Due to the individuality of the INTRAX chassis, it is not possible to produce reports for individual chassis. It rarely resembles one landing gear to the other.

However, it is possible to have the INTRAX undercarriage registered in our house in service as part of an individual approval. Please use our contact support to discuss details.

Revision of INTRAX suspension

In addition to sales, installation and tuning, we also offer full service around the INTRAX chassis revision.

If the landing gear has to be reconditioned, the chassis will be inspected by the expert. Often the regular revision for $350, per shock absorber is sufficient. Please use our contact options to discuss details.

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