A. Yes we will ship to all countries by Express international service.

A. In most cases less than one week, all shipments reach destination country within 2 days but sometimes internal customs clearance and local delivery times can vary a lot.

A. Checkout will calculate the specific shipping costs automatically. You can obtain a quote by placing items in your shopping cart then go to checkout, enter your country and postcode, the shipping cost will be calculated and shown. You can then close the checkout without proceeding any further if you like.

A. In many cases no but in some cases yes. This is something we have no further information about because every country has different import and tax laws

A. Please see our article about synchronizing ITB systems

A. It is very easy here is a video showing the best way to trim trumpets

A. Yes but generally the only way is by using a stand alone ecu otherwise you will need to have your OEM ecu professionally remapped for Alpha-n operation.

A. No as long as you follow the assembly instructions or the points below, your brake pedal and stopping power will be exactly the same as before.

A. NO! you must connect the brake servo to just one runner only or use a decent size T fitting directly off one runner, this has the most powerful vacuum signal even at idle, then you can use a smaller hose to the accumulator if you have one for idle valve etc.

If you connect the booster line to the accumulator you will have reduced braking power because only one runner at a time is producing a vacuum signal while ALL the others are bleeding the vacuum away again. Remember to retain the factory check valve in the servo line.

A. Yes they can achieve very good fuel economy but it all comes down to how well its tuned, lots of care and attention needs to be paid to the very light throttle running area. The quality of your stand alone ecu if you are using one will also play a part here.

A. This is a tuning method where engine load is calculated by only using rpm and throttle position. All stand alone ecu’s offer this option and it is widely considered the best tuning method for ITB systems.

A. Yes! some ecu brands have very course resolution and rather crude fueling calculations this will make it very difficult to achieve good light throttle drive-ability and economy.

A. Inside a conventional manifold the air pressure drops very low at light throttle and reaches atmospheric pressure near full throttle so it provides a nice accurate load scale. But with an ITB system the low air pressure only occurs in each runner between the valve and throttle plate the plenum remains at atmospheric pressure at all times.

The pressure inside an accumulator block is very unstable and may reach atmospheric pressure as early as 25% throttle so if you are using pressure as a load signal then the ecu will have no load reference at any throttle opening higher than 25% so it will be impossible for it to supply accurate fueling.

A. 9/10 times the TPS is faulty, if you are using alpha-n tuning everything depends on this part so it pays to carry a good quality spare one.

A. Our early kits used a Bosch replica TPS but this should be replaced by a genuine item, Part number 0280122001. Current kits do not include a tps and have a different fitting plate for an e36 BMW tps, we recommend using a genuine OEM replacement item part number 13-63-1-726-591-M375

A. This problem has been resolved on all ITB’s produced from 1st May 2016. Throttle bodies have very tight tolerances but as they expand with rising engine temperature the different expansion rates of the different materials used caused the tolerances to change and sometimes this can cause a little bit of interference when they close resulting in slight sticking, they will settle in after some use.

We have now resolved this problem with a new butterfly design and assembly procedure that presets the clearances for hot running conditions. This results in perfect operation at running temperature. We offer an ITB rebuild service if you want your ITBs updated to current spec’s.

A. Do not try to correct this, if you purchased them after 1st May 2016 then they are assembled in a preset condition for normal engine running temperature. Once they warm up a little they will close fully and operate freely. The slight stickiness when cold will soon fade away with some use as the butterflies bed in.

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