EMU Classic Change Log (Incl. Tested Version)

Change log for version 1.218

  • Custom fuel correction table
  • New modes for Sync without camsync: Sync as soon as CAM is decoded or Sync at first fuel cut
  • Export log to CVS fixed

Change log for version 1.216

  • CAM based trigger with the missing tooth support added. The number of tooth must be equal to the half of tooth on the trigger wheel (eg. for 24-1 it must be 12)
  • EDL logs now display proper time when selected option Display System Time

Change log for version 1.213

  • CAN Analog inputs issue (wrong voltage scale) introduced in version 1.212 fixed
  • CAN Analog inputs can be used with the Launch control Analog RPM control input
  • Gear detection based on gear position sensor bug fixed (spikes when there was no VSS signal connected)
  • Desktops are saved correctly during firmware upgrade

Change log for version 1.212 

  • Racechrono support over serial BT module
  • Support for Ecumaster CAN switchboard (ID 0x666) 

Change log for version 1.211 

  • RX-8 CAN stream ABS type selector
  • Blip function bug fixed
  • BMW E46 coolant gauge CAN stream modified
  • Focus RS CAN stream fixed

Change log for version 1.210 

  • Mazda BP trigger added

Change log for version 1.209 

  • Scatter plots
  • Stepper motor support improved
  • Idle control: when stepper motor is used, it is possible now to keep it powered when the MAP isabove defined target. It prevents stepper motor to move during boost. 
  • VTEC: Additional parameter to activate vtec over given RPM, independent to other parameters
  • Honda S2000 (F20C) CAM#2 support added for faster synchronization
  • Interrupts management modified 

Change log for version 1.208 

  • Knock boost correction

Change log for version 1.207 

  • Idle afterstart DC scale table added
  • Activation delay added to Idle PID and ignition control 
  • Now log channels selector added 
  • New shortcuts added for Log graph:
    • –  Ctrl+Left / Ctrl+Right, – Previous tab / Next Tab  
    • –  F5 start new log (clear log + resume if paused)  
    • –  S – save log  
    • – O – open log  
    • –  Ctrl + X – clear log 

Change log for version 1.206 

  • Min and max TPS/MAP values added to the knock action
  • EMUserial protocol modified (increased update rate) 
  • Android Dashboard log import fixed (new Android Dash application is required)
  • BMW E46 ABS CAN wheel speed support

Change log for version 1.205b 

  • Bug with the 2D tables introduced in version 1.205 fixed

Change log for version 1.205 

  • Ecumaster serial log stream modified (channels frequency)
  • Fiesta MK6 CAN stream fixed (battery voltage, milage)
  • Modified cell marks are removed from autotune window 

Change log for version 1.204 

  • CAN switches can be used with parametric / virtual outputs
  • Alternative nissan trigger

Change log for version 1.203 

  • Mini Cooper R53 CAM stream improved, (DSC system works)
  • Fiat 500 CAN stream improved (No random battery warning) 

Change log for version 1.202 

  • Renault Megan RS CAN stream added (RPM, CLT)
  • Gear calculations when speed source is CAN fixed
  • Honda S2000 coolant gauge recalibrated
  • Over run fuel resume enrichment added 

Change log for version 1.201 

  • Improved behavior on notebooks with FHD and SHD displays

Change log for version 1.200 RC 

  • Crosshair on the tables displays correct when imperial units selected
  • Modified cells in tables are marked
  • Conditional logging bug fixed
  • MAP sensor trigger added to idle control
  • VVTi PWM generation improved
  • Log files from EDL1 (*.bgc) are associated with 
  • BGC files can be opened from graph log window (open file icon)

Change log for version 1.189c EXP3 

  • Axis values decimal point bug fixed

Change log for version 1.189b EXP2 

  • Tester firmware detection (firmware could be updated to the production one)

Change log for version 1.189 EXP1 

  • Imperial units support added
  • Clio Williams trigger synchronization improved

Change log for version 1.188 EXP1 

  • Bug in idle stepper motors control fixed
  • Bug with desktops load introduced in 1.187 fixed

Change log for version 1.187 EXP1 

  • Graph log user interface fromEMU BLACK implemented to EMU 
  • Quick tune flickering issue fixed
  • TAB + Arrows allows to move among the opened windows
  • Flex fuel temperature correction works without tables blend

Change log for version 1.186 EXP2 

  • Golf R32 CAN stream added
  • VIPER V10 trigger pattern added

Change log for version 1.185 EXP1 

  • Gear ratio is correctly calculated when speed source is CAN BUS
  • CAN BUS ecumaster protocol frame 606 added (see help for more details)
  • Fuel pump state, AC clutch, Coolant Fan and parametric outputs can assigned to CAN BUS output.

Change log for version 1.184 EXP2 

  • Autotune bug fixed,
  • Copy / Paste works using windows clipboard. It is possible to copy tables into Excel / Open office calc,

Change log for version 1.184 EXP1 

  • Citroen C4 CAN stream added
  • EVO X can stream bug fixed (no more ASC error when stay on ignition on)
  • Drawing graphical logs speed greatly improved

Change log for version 1.183 EXP1 

  • DLI 7M-GE system supported
  • COLT CZ CAN stream added
  • During spark cut, dwell error log channel shows correct values
  • USB communication improved 

Change log for version 1.182b EXP1 

  • Quick tune display bug with lambda/afr display fixed 

Change log for version 1.182 EXP1 

  • Boost DC can be used as a DBW Target (for motorized throttle boost control)
  • Log channel on the log graph can be selected via popup menu (righ mouse button)
  • Quick tune display log channels can be customized (right mouse button)

Change log for version 1.181 EXP1 

  • Maserati V6 trigger added
  • Ford focus RS can stream fixed (rear window heating, AC)
  • DBW calibration package included

Change log for version 1.180 EXP1 

  • VW 30-2-30-2 trigger pattern added 
  • DC Ref table in DBW configuration can be in function of target pos or throttle pos
  • Tables processing speed optimized
  • RX8 dashboard CLT characteristic improved

Change log for version 1.179EXP1 

  • Renault Clio 2 can stream fixed
  • DBW control signal generation improved

Change log for version 1.178EXP1 

  • Boost control solenoid could be disabled using analog input 
  • Gear sensor is correctly supported when no VSS signal 
  • USB communication improved

Change log for version 1.177EXP1 

  • CAN BUS module communication improved
  • Gear box oil temperature sensor added 
  • CAN EGT channels are displayed correctly on the log  

Change log for version 1.176EXP1 

  • LSU 4.2 measurement precision increased by 0.015 lambda
  • Ford Tierra primary trigger added
  • Entering bootloader for Rev B processors improved 
  • Pop up menu for log window allows easy channels configuration
  • Auto scale of Y axis for log channel could be set 
  • Import of DL1 logs time base bug fixed

Change log for version 1.175EXP1 

  • RX8 CAN fixed: oil pressure, water temp., odometer
  • Fiesta MK6 CAN stream added
  • Hysteresis for AC pressure added

Change log for version 1.174EXP1 

  • Launch control RPMs could be controled via analog IN 

Change log for version 1.173EXP1 

  • Detection of CPU revision and fixed bug with CPU revision B 
  • CPU revision displayed in about box

Change log for version 1.172 EXP1 

  • VSS readings are correct when gear detection scale is set to sensor
  • LC fuel enrichment bug fixed
  • ECUMASTER logger support added

Change log for version 1.171 EXP1 

  • Sensitivity switching in function of RPM for primary trigger VR sensor input 
  • Auto scaling of 3D Graph modified
  • SHIFT+O and SHIFT+P shortcuts changed to CTRL+SHIFT+P and CTRL+SHIFT+O
  • 2JZ VVTI electronic throttle added to the wizard

Change log for version 1.170 EXP1 

  • Gearcut advanced mode (gear time and gear level depends on gear)
  • Analog inputs are correctly read during making map permanent

Change log for version 1.169 EXP1 

  • MUX1-MUX3 can be used in parametric output

Change log for version 1.168 EXP1 

  • Primary trigger input delay bug fixed
  • EVO X AC switch support (over CAN BUS)
  • Firmware upgrade support for PRO EMS devices fixed

Change log for version 1.167 EXP1 

  • MAP dwell correction table added

Change log for version 1.166 EXP8 

  • Ethanol content is now transmitted in ECUMASTER CAN stream 
  • Outputs tester
  • Channel logs presets could be defined by user
  • If calibration defined in windows client software differs from the configuration inEMU device. the user could select what calibration should be used

Change log for version 1.165 EXP1 

  • LC fuel enrichment could be negative (enleanment)
  • Override wastegate DC table added to Launch Control 
  • DBW characteristic tables enlarged (2 additional RPM rows)
  • Porsche 130 tooth trigger fixed 
  • Collapse option tree view shortcut added ( CTRL + \)

Change log for version 1.164 EXP1 

  • Gear sensor could be connected now to CAN analog input
  • Porsche 130 tooth trigger support

Change log for version 1.163 EXP2 

  • Fixed bug with ALS arming 
  • Fixed bug with 2dn ALS DBW opening table 
  • Lancer EVO X throttle added to the wizard

Change log for version 1.163 EXP1 

  • 3 missing tooth primary trigger pattern bug fixed
  • Renault Clio RS 3 CAN BUS support added
  • Audi RS4 CAN BUS support added
  • TPS and RPM arming added to ALS
  • 2D table of DBW throttle opening in function of RPM added for ALS

Change log for version 1.162 EXP3 

  • Lancer EVO X trigger added
  • Lancer EVO X CAN support added (RPM, CLT, coolant fan, AYC)
  • Injection angle control added (start of injection / end of injection) using 3D injection angle table
  • Ignition output offset is automatically applied to injection phase
  • TPS integrator constant could be as low as 10ms

Change log for version 1.161 EXP1 

  • Logging level added for password protected device. For limited log parameters: 
    • ignition angle, ignition from table, injectors PW, injectors DC, afr target, lambda target, cam1, cam2 angle, cam1, cam2 target, VE are not logged nor send via serial protocol  
  • Ignition restore rate added to ALS strategy
  • Ignition restore rate added to Launch control strategy
  • Ignition restore rate added to Rolling antilag strategy
  • DBW characteristic gear based scale added
  • DBW characteristic gear based limit added 
  • Used outputs list improved (fixed support of ignition outputs) 

Change log for version 1.160 EXP1 

  • Gear cut signal source analog input strategy improved (now retard functions are working)
  • Gear cut fuel multiplier parameter added
  • 2ndDBW characteristic table added (switchable) 
  • DBW control during launch control added
  • EMUState added as a parameter for parametric outputs

Change log for version 1.159 EXP1 

  • Porsche Carrera 3.2 129 tooth trigger added
  • Ecumaster CAN BUS switch panel experimental support added

Change log for version 1.158 EXP1 

  • S65B40 VDO idle throttle support added (CAN)
  • Optimizing PC communication 
  • Real time logging improved
  • Show assigned inputs option added

Change log for version 1.157 EXP1 

  • DBW PPS plausibility check fixed
  • Primary trigger delay compensation added (input delay parameter)
  • 2 sets of boost gear scales
  • Parametric outputs now can enable check engine light
  • New parameters for parametric outputs (Radiator fan, VTEC, Injectors DC, TC Torq. reduction)

Change log for version 1.156 EXP1 

  • Renault Clio CAN support improved (CLT) 
  • Gearcut blip bug fixed (in 1.155 the throttle opening was limited to 50%)
  • Min VSS to activate gearcut added
  • DBW PPS plausibility check improved

Change log for version 1.155 EXP1 

  • Dual distributor added to spark distribution type 
  • Ford focus st CAN improvements

Change log for version 1.154 EXP1 

  • PECTEL SQ6 protocol frame ID 0x170 update rate increased twice
  • Blip for downshift ( load cell required) bug fixed
  • Fuel usage per hour bug fixed 
  • When upgrading to the same firmware version the calibration and desktops are loaded correctly
  • Analog inputs definition (Sensor / Analog inputs) fixed

Change log for version 1.153 EXP1 

  • Second PPS plausibility check improved
  • Blip for downshift ( load cell required) added
  • 1UZFE VVTi cam decoder added

Change log for version 1.152 EXP1 

  • Staged injection bug fixed ( for 100%DC of secondary injectors)
  • Fuel usage per hour channel added
  • FIAT 500 CAN BUS support
  • Nitrous fuel scale table can be negative (for decreasing fuel dose)

Change log for version 1.151 EXP1 

  • MAP sensor characteristic can be defined using MAP sensor calibration table
  • Default values for WBO PID controller modified
  • Gear cut active log channel added 

Change log for version 1.150 EXP1 

  • CAN BUS module support from version 1.149 fixed
  • VVTI control after engine start can delayed

Change log for version 1.149 EXP1 

  • FlexFuel fuel scale value added
  • BMW S65B40 cam sensor support (for 2 intake cams control using additional exhaust cam sensor)
  • Second PPS potentiometer could be defined for plausible check 
  • Import of Lambda / AFR target from serial datalog fixed

Change log for version 1.148 EXP1 

  • In rare condition (1/30000 injections) the single injection time was incorrect. Already fixed.
  • Support for ECUMASTER S65B40 Control module (electronic ITB, electronic idle control throttle)
  • Virtual outputs could be used to activate any strategy based on switch (eg. Boost map change, tables change, LC, ALS and so on)

Change log for version 1.147 EXP1 

  • Gear variable added to parametric output
  • Renault Clio CAN stream modified  

Change log for version 1.146 EXP1 

  • Lotus Elise trigger CAM sync support
  • Boost DC output fixed (no signal when no RPM)
  • Primary trigger type: Toothed wheel with additional tooth behavior change. Now the gap detection scale is applied during cranking and engine running

Change log for version 1.145 EXP1 

  • Stepper motor outputs are initialized for high state (+12V) instead of ground, during start-up 
  • WBO enabled when no RPM fixed
  • Shift light bug fixed (now the R and Neutral shift light is equal to 1stgear shift light) 
  • Lambda disturb option added for EGO Feedback (experimental)
  • Launch control modified, needs reconfiguration!!!
  • Clear log crash fixed in the case of using disable logging when paused

Change log for version 1.144 EXP1 

  • Renault Clio CAN support added 
  • Crash during log clear when alarms enabled fixed

Change log for version 1.143 EXP1 

  • Idle control Activation increase duration parameter stores correctly 
  • LC strategy modified (spark cut percent is interpolated now, fuel and spark can be totally disable over cut off RPM
  • AEM CAN protocol added (RPM, TPS, MAP, Lambda, Lambda target, IAT, CLT, CFAN, FPUMP, Check engine, Battery, VSS, Gear ) 
  • Mazda RX8 CAN support fixed. Now the wheel speed is read correctly
  • Honda CLT/IAT sensors wizard fixed (thanks Przema)

Change log for version 1.142 EXP1 

  • Logbook VSS and EGT fixed
  • Idle control new parameters to increase target RPM when idle control is activated to prevent too low RPMs (experimental) 
  • Alarms added (on gauges and on toolbar)

Change log for version 1.141 EXP1 

  • Analog input switch threshold modified. On is over 3.66V (previously 3.9V), Off is under 1.22V (previously 0.96V)
  • Fueling help restored
  • Fuel / General paramblock description fixed
  • Suzuki Swift 1.6 throttle added to DBW Wizard

Change log for version 1.140 EXP1 

  • PWM table X axis is now customizable (MAP, TPS, CLT)
  • ALS fuel cut idle control improved
  • KS error indication over 600RPM
  • Lambda / AFR target add to ECUMASTER serial protocol 
  • Crash during clearing log fixed

Change log for version 1.139 EXP1 

  • AC fan could be activated with AC clutch
  • Coolant fan can be disabled when no RPM
  • Idle RPM Ref table is active if RPM is above idle control RPM or TPS > IdleTPSLimit (in previous versiononly TPS condition was used) 
  • When Fuel Cut idle control is used with ALS, then if RPM is below ALS RPM min the timer is not restarted 
  • Autotune crash fixed
  • Log zoom In / Out can be performed by up and down arrow

Change log for version 1.138 EXP1 

  • Renault Alpina 66-2-2-2 support added
  • Fuel cut idle control when ALS switch on
  • Idle VE DC correction table change to 3D (DC/RPM)
  • Afterstart RPM increase can be slow released after defined duration
  • Coolant fan engage delay option added to allow increase idle RPM before fan activation 
  • Autosaving logs (general options / Log / Auto save log)
  • Log recording can be suspended when Log is paused ( General options / Log / Stop logging whenpaused) 
  • Connecting new device bug fixed (crash)
  • Conditional logging
  • Autotune for AlphaN bug fixed

Change log for version 1.137 EXP1 

  • New ignition output pair (3+6)
  • Ignition output cranking table (for starting engine in wasted spark mode)
  • Lambda range extended from (0.7-1.7) to 0.6-2.0
  • Suzuki swift M16A CAM decoder added 
  • Log timing can be PC current time based (general options / Log / Display system time)
  • Log channels can be configured (min, max, redline). Alarms are not working yet

Change log for version 1.136 EXP1 

  • Fuel cut idle  
  • Firmware upgrade bug fixed
  • During firmware upgrade, in the device directory there is automatically backup of current calibration

Change log for version 1.135 EXP1 

  • Momentary switch support added (see Help for sensor/momentary switch)
  • Gear cut ignition retard added
  • P65 coils wizard definitions fixed
  • Autotune bug with TPS parameters fixed
  • EMUprotocol import fixed

Change log for version 1.134 EXP1 

  • External MAP sensor range extended to 800kPa
  • Overpressure fuel cut delay added
  • Boost DC ref table can be defined in function of MAP/RPM instead of TPS/RPM 
  • Autotune bugs fixed and improvements
  • AFR/Lambda target table bug with Load on Y axis fixed

Change log for version 1.132 EXP1 

  • VVTi support fort EVO9 improved
  • EJ25 Mixed (trigger wheel 36-2-2-2, 7 tooth camsync (old subaru), 2 multitooth cam triggers)
  • CAN BT module CAN ID changed to 0x7db

Change log for version 1.131 EXP1 

  • MAP sensor reading strategy modified to improve MAP value stability.

Change log for version 1.130 EXP2 

  • Log pause/resume bug fixed

Change log for version 1.130 EXP1 

  • Filtering for oil and fuel pressure
  • BT CAN communication moved to ID0x16B6ECD8 
  • Nitrous fuel PW adder table in function of RPM
  • Idle AC RPM target increase
  • Logbook engine error codes bug fixed 
  • Import of Ecumaster serial protocol log from Keelog Ghost serial dataloger and Dashboard tablet

Change log for version 1.128 EXP1 

  • Logbook records error codes,
  • DBW invert motor option,
  • DBW friction accrue option added

Change log for version 1.127 EXP1 

  • Logbook (Max RPM, Max MAP, Max CLT, Max IAT, Time on full throttle),
  • Stuck throttle protection, 
  • ALS fuel enrichment can be negative

Change log for version 1.126 EXP1 

  • Timers added (can influence fuel, ignition and boost)
  • TPS/RPM fuel scale added + activation when no ALS active (Fueling / general)
  • MAP/RPM correction added
  • For AlphaN AFR/Lambda target can be MAP based (Fueling / general)
  • Unused strategies can be hidden in client software (Tools / Available strategies)

Change log for version 1.125 EXP1 

  • Virtual outputs bug fixed
  • Timers added (not full functionality)

Change log for version 1.124 EXP1 

  • FlexFuel temperature reading bug fixed
  • AC pressure parameter added to parametric outputs
  • Extra desktop 4 and 5 added
  • Gauge word removed from gauge window title bar  

Change log for version 1.123 EXP1 

  • New ignition output pairs are available (1+4, 1+6, 3+2, 5+2)
  • AC clutch can be disable if CLT is greater than defined
  • FlexFuel Lambda blend (advanced fueling) bug fixed
  • AC clutch can be disable if CLT is greater than defined

Change log for version 1.122 EXP1 

  • VSS can be calculated based on CAN wheel speed 
  • Flat shift new parameters: ignition retard and fuel enrichment

Change log for version 1.121 EXP1 

  • BT CAN Module support 
  • Fueling strategy Basic Lambda bug fixed
  • Deceleration enrichment lean limit bug fixed

Change log for version 1.120 EXP1 

  • Nissan VQ35 trigger support

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