ECUMaster Digital Advanced Display Unit ADU7 高階數位賽車儀表顯示單元 (7吋面板)

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ADU、PMU 等設備的編程介面需要透過 USB to CAN 通訊。故您需要有 CAN 轉 USB 端子訊號才能使用編程軟體進行編程。如您沒有類似的裝置,可考慮加購。

Advanced Display Unit

In an answer to market demand for a cost-effective dash-display solution, we are proud to announce the new ECUMASTER Racing Dash family of products.  

Our specific goal was to create a fully customizable, feature-rich, quality solution for professional drivers. Based on extensive real world user feedback, we have designed and manufactured the perfect device to please every race driver and their engineering team. We know how important it is to have a readable and easily configurable dash logger. One which clearly displays all the necessary data readings and even more importantly, comprehensively relays all important alarms to the driver in a compelling manner.

High resolution, high visibility anti-glare screens, guarantee perfect visibility even in adverse weather conditions including bright sunlight.

Supplied with multiple pre-configured pages, which can be customized to display specific data required at every race stage e.g. practice, qualifying, race and  troubleshooting. Changed manually or automatically via fully definable condition features. 

Each channel displayed on each page (gauges, icons, texts, etc) can be easily modified using user-friendly, Windows based software. Our comprehensive overlay system facilitates a multiple page display for important data e.g. low oil pressure, best lap, etc. displayed independently of the actual page displayed.

Equipped with 15 ultra-bright RGB LED diodes which can be used as an advanced gear-depended shift light and can be modified by user defined logic e.g. alarms, low fuel level, etc.

Using IR beacons or a GPS system the dash turns into a powerful lap timer with a predictive timing function. Advanced predictive lap timing, based on auto-update best reference lap is a feature of the qualification mode which can be
activated by selecting the qualification page.

Internal 3 axis accelerometer and 3 axis Gyro for G-force, pitch and roll monitoring. 

Life time fuel consumption calculations are also part of the package. Calculates the fuel remaining in the fuel tank with great accuracy (assuming the ECU is able to send momentary fuel consumption data). Must have feature for any endurance racer. User configurable timers can be adjusted for additional functionality e.g. pit stop timer etc.

The ADU also supports thermal cameras to monitor brake discs as well as tyre temperatures (up to 16 points per tyre)

Fully independent and fully user definable duel channel CAN BUS ports plus serial RS232 for communication to virtually any type of engine management system. Pre-configured communications templates, allowing direct connection to most common devices.

32-bit automotive controller, paired with a state of the art graphics processor. Such a combination guarantees anti-aliased, high quality graphics at 50 frames per second.

For data analysis, data channels can be logged to a USB Flash drive with a frequency of up to 500Hz. 

All housed in a rugged, CNC machined, black anodized enclosure



Temperature range:

  • AECQ100 GRADE1 (-40 to +85˚C)

Reverse battery protection:

  • Yes, internal

Operating voltage:

  • 6-22V, immunity to transients according to ISO 7637


  • IP 60, custom CNC machined aluminum


  • 1 x 35 positions, AMP Automotive connector

PC communication:

  • CAN BUS – Ecumaster interface, Peak or Kvaser

Display Type:

  • TFT 800×480

Brightness of display:

  • 5″ – 600 cd/m2, 7″ – 1000 cd/m2


Analogue inputs:

  • 8 inputs, 10 bits, 0-5 V, software controlled pull-up/pull-down 10K resistor. Al analog inputs can be used as a switches

Digital inputs:

  • 8 digital inputs, software controlled input sensitivity (VR, Hall), software controlled 4K7 pull-up resistors, used for engine speed sensors, Flex Fuel, wheel speeds, turbocharger shaft speed. All digital inputs can be used as switches


  • 2 low side outputs (switch to ground), up to 2A, 1 analogue output (0-5V) 10 bits

+5V Output:

  • Monitored 5V output for powering external sensors


CAN Interface:

  • 2 x CAN2.0 A/B, 250, 500, 1000 Kbps

CAN streams:

  • User-defined

Serial communication:

  • RS232 Rx/Tx, AiM protocols, Ecumaster, Hondata Kpro, Autronic


  • Used for logging to external USB memory


Light Emitting Diodes:

  • 15 ultra bright RGB LEDs


  • 3D accelerometer + 3D gyroscope for the analysis of vehicle dynamics

Real-time clock:

  • Yes, battery powered

Light sensor:

  • Yes, for automatic correction of brightness

Temperature sensor:

  • Yes, for monitoring device temperature

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2 years 2 days ago

相見恨晚.. 之前用 AIM 的爛爆,會LAG之外開機又慢.. 後來換 motec 一整個貴還限制一堆,跟你們客服聊完之後認真看了一下 ADU 功能這麼強大完全不輸 motec 的儀表然後售價不到一半.. 早知道買這個就好了.

1 year 8 months ago

各家所長不同,motec 具有不可否認的專業度存在,也是非常優異的管理系統。在很多方面仍然擁有不可超過的獨特性,ECU Master 目標在提供一般消費者在合理的花費內可以獲得更多更優異的功能管理,並且期許可以擁有如同 motec 的地位。